Picture the scene. You’ve met this great girl and you’re both getting on great guns at the party. Things are going really well and there’s definitely some electricity in the air. You lift your arm, waving to a mate on the other side of the room. It’s at that moment she notices that your armpit is shaved clean as a whistle. She asks if you’re a famous Olympic swimmer. Your answer is no. She seems a bit surprised. She chuckles and walks off. So let’s help you out here. Women love hair on men and they despise hair on men. Quite a minefield to navigate if you don’t know what’s hot and what’s not. It’s going to be of absolutely no use if you have a magnificent, charming, funny, intelligent personality and then have groomed yourself incorrectly. So here’s what girls think about your grooming efforts. Use this information wisely and you’ll have her going ga-ga guy.

1. Should guys shave their legs?

Trudi: ‘I don’t know what it is with some men. I think they believe that shaving their legs turns them into some kind of top-performing athlete. A man without hair on his legs is just plain weird.’

Elzanne: ‘In my books it’s a definite no-no. Imagine lying next to a guy with 2-day stubble on his calves. No thank you.’

Melinda: ‘I think it’s just plain awful, not to mention embarrassing. It’s just not a turn-on at all.’

Thandi: ‘Ha, ha, ha, ha – you can’t be serious! No hair on a man’s leg makes him a no-go zone.’

Our advice: Don’t shave your legs man, the rejection is going to hurt.

2. Are beards and moustaches sexy?

Trudi: ‘I’m not a huge fan of beards, but a short, well-looked after designer stubble can be incredibly sexy. Moustaches are just gross quite honestly. Who wants a hairy worm above their top lip.

Elzanne ‘No way! Even really groomed beards leave me cold. Moustaches are just completely unsexy – there’s nothing I like about them. 

Melinda: ‘Hmmm, good question. If it’s a well well-manicured beard with a distinct shaved neck, clean lines and beautifully trimmed and styled, then I think I’m okay with it. A moustache without a beard doesn’t work for me. 

Thandi: ‘Give me a 5-day growth and I’m in love. Once it gets to 10 days and beyond though it starts to look a bit ragged and the sex appeal starts to fade. Why do some men think they look great with a moustache. It looks silly and is amongst the most un-kissable objects on the planet.


Our advice: Designer, clean and well-kept beards can be cool with great sex appeal. Moustaches should be banned permanently. 

3. Should a guy trim his eyebrows?

Trudi: ‘Yes! And his ear and nose hairs.’

Elzanne: “Yes, but keep it real. Completely plucked and manicured eyebrows on a man are going to look extremely silly.’

Melinda: ‘Oh please yes. Unkept eyebrows are right up there with moustaches in my books.’ 

Thandi: ‘A definite yes. I’ll often pluck my eyebrows for my boyfriend and he has no problem with it. If I left it to him the final result might be less than perfect, so I get to pluck just the way I like them.

Our advice: Pluck and trim those eyebrows (but don’t be too heavy handed) for that perfect smouldering look.

4. What’s the perfect amount of chest hair?

Trudi: ‘I don’t mind hair on a chest, but it does need to be trimmed. I don’t find cuddling a real-life Polar Bear all that appealing. So not too hairy and not to shaved – somewhere in the middle is great.’

Elzanne: ‘Shave it off! Shave it off!’

Melinda: ‘Shaved for me please. A great body and a hairless chest is super-sexy in my books.’

Thandi: ‘I don’t mind chest hair, but not if it’s fuzzy. It needs to be cut fairly close. If he only has a few chest hairs then best he takes a razor to it.

So there you go gentlemen – now you know what she likes and what she doesn’t like when it comes to managing your body hair.


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