Men! Let’s be perfectly honest with each other. Do you know what restorative cream is? If your answer was anything to do with home maintenance, you’d be wrong. Well, partially wrong. Because if your body is your house, is your home, is your temple and all, well then, you’d be right. It’s a bit like wall primer – you put it onto the surface to protect it. In this instance, that surface is you. Something like that anyway. Still confused? Let’s explain. There was a time when we men would have laughed out loud at the prospect of having to rub hand cream onto ourselves, let alone body cream onto our arms, legs and chests. Face cream? Never. But it’s all changed hasn’t it. Thanks social media for ‘Influencers’ – now look what you’ve done! Some dude in Timbuk-flipping-too with impeccable pecs uses face cream X and has 800 000 people following his every move. Hard to keep up really. Which now means that a man has got to do what a man has got to do… grooming. Here’s how.

Clean your clock daily

Use a PH-balanced face wash specifically designed for your face. Read soap labels in-store to ensure that you’re choosing the right soap for your dial.


No matter where you work or play, a day in and around the African sun is going to leave your skin as though it was hit with a sledge hammer. Dirt, dust, grime is around every bend. Start your day with a decent moisturizer to protect you against the elements. Try products that offer SPF and antioxidants. A night cream (yes, you heard us correctly) will help nourish your skin and promote cell renewal.

Face Masks

Okay, we’re going to go out on a limb here. We bet that some of your favourite sportsmen wear the odd face mask. They need to look good on TV, right? So, what better way to keep the zits under control than with a face mask? Face masks help with clogged pores and go to work on impurities without fear or favour. These puppies will boost your skin and leaving it feeling absolutely legendary. Pop one on before the next big game, stay home and cheer while your face mask goes to work. Yes, that’s a dare.

Look after your mop

The next time your mother tells you your hair is a little untidy, she’s doing it with kindness. Mother always knows. Rule number 1 is find a good barber or hairdresser and then stick with them. Cut your hair regularly, keep it clean. It’s a really good idea to ask your hairdresser what products are best suited to you in terms of shampoo and conditioner. Then use these products sparingly and only in small amounts to avoid stripping your hair of its essential oils required for good growth and strong roots. The end.


Every time you shave, your skin receives a 100% free exfoliation. In brief, exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This allows your skin to then renew itself and enjoy the maximum benefit from masks and scrubs. It also combats and decreases pimples and skin blemishes. Here’s how to go from a good to a great shave:

  1. Use the right razor. Our Super-Max range of men’s systems and disposables have been scientifically formulated for varying needs. 
  2. Shave after a warm shower. The warm water will soften your facial hair and open your pores for a softer, smoother, closer shave.
  3. Use Super-Max shaving foam or gel. 
  4. Allow the foam or gel to settle for 2 – 3 minutes before starting your shave. This allows it to go to work on your facial hair, softening it even more and helping to prevents nicks and cuts.
  5. After shaving, wash your face thoroughly with clean water, then apply a post-shave cream like the Vaya Smooth range of products to calm and cool your skin.

Hands and Feet

South African men use their hands and feet a lot! They’re our tools of the trade in a land that requires that we work them hard. That means most of us are at risk of fungal infections, eczema, cracked heels and the like. We need to moisturise our hands and feet and keep them clipped, period. When it comes to your feet, soak and scrub them regularly. Keep your shoes on while at public places (swimming pools, gym locker rooms, shoe stores, etc.) to avoid nail fungal infections. When washing your hands, avoid using hot water, which tends to dry out your skin. Rather, wash with lukewarm water instead. The best way to clean under both your hand and toe nails is with a brush – hold it in a downward direction so that it’s perpendicular to your nails. Scrub gently along the entire nail, moving back and forth to unsettle any dirt.

Now go scrub up good – you’ve got an appointment to get to!


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